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Lymphedema Boots

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When you come to Compression Recovery, you can expect well-researched info, reviews, buyers guides and product comparisons for compression therapy systems from the industries leading brands. We are recovery junkies who love to research the finer details so that you don’t have to.  Take some time to learn about the benefits of compression boots for athletes and lymphedema to better understand the science behind this new and exciting at home technology. You’ll make better decisions with your health and money for it. 

Compression Boots reviewed recently

best leg recovery system
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1o customizable pressure serttings, 2 compression modes and 3 session durations. Good quality production at a strong pricepoint.

compression boots for legs
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Known as the market leader. The NormaTex Pulse 2.0 only really loses marks for its price. A well made piece that will last beyond others. 

How to measure for compression recovery boots
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Known for it’s super quiet pumps. An easy to transport cordless system with 4 pressure settings and 4 modes.

how often should you use compression boots?
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A budget option that performs well. With less focus on athlete recovery in it’s branding, but the same compression therapy results.

Pat runner

About me, the "Recovery Nerd"

Pat, expert

Here’s a little about me to add to my street cred. I’m Pat. A once was Podiatrist born and raised for the most part of my youth in New Zealand. I have lived and worked in London and now California.  My work has taken me away from my lower limb specialty as a Podiatrist and in to the world of recovery products – an industry I have a great interest in as an amateur athlete and adrenaline junkie myself. 


My friends call me a “recovery nerd” but I see myself as more of an enthusiast.

Our Buyer's Guide To Compression Recovery Boots

Getting in to the compression recovery boot market can be a bit daunting with so many brands and price points on the market. Not to mention different influences spruiking brands that aren’t always reputable.


When we review recovery boots for runners and lympedema we  look at a few criteria. This includes value for money, number of pressure chambers and compression cyles, ease of use, product quality, general testimonials and size options available. 

Having this information on hand will help you make better buying decisions. 


Factors In choosing your best compression therapy device

As all humans on this planet are on very different journeys there is of course never any such thing as a “best” option for all. I encourage you to consider the following when choosing your best compression therapy device.


  • Your budget. Will you save money on other recovery costs if you invest in this?
  • How long do you see yourself using this recovery system? A quick fix or are you in it for the long haul?
  • Your personal size requirements. Are you a middle of the bell curve size? Short? Large?
  • What degree of compression you need? Serious or amateur?
  • Whether you need to travel with your recovery system?
  • Whether you need a leg kit, an arm kit or a core kit?

I find by asking yourself these questions at the start of your journey it will help you make buying decisions aligned with your actual goals – not emotional on the spot decisions. 

For example. Is spending more on a reliable high quality system going to save you money on additional health care appointments? Do you need a portable or wire less device to use on the go?  Are legs your pain point, or is it arms that require more recovery assistance with compression therapy?

Rapid Reboot Regan Recovery boots review
muscle recovery after working out

Info, Tips & FAQ

When should I use a Compression Boot?

Compression boots can be worn pre workout for performance benefits as a result of bloody oxygenation and flexibility or post workout for the recovery benefits to fatigues muscles. 


How do I know what time / mode / pressure to choose?

This is to a degree a trial and error process. We recommend taking slow steps as you introduce dynamic compression to your recovery or performance optimisation plan. Start with 10 minutes on a lower pressure and assess how you feel. Try different modes during your first few weeks to figure out what feel works best for you. Most brands will include manuals to offer suggestions, I certainly recommend reading these suggestions to use as a starting point. 


How do I measure to determine which size to buy?

This will differ from brand to brand. Most brands have 3 – 4 sizes to select from that generally correlate to your height. You can also buy extra accessories to increase the width / circumference of the leg from certain brands. This is useful for those with thicker thighs. 


Are you more expensive recovery boots worth it?

I genuinely believe you get what you pay for with recovery boots. The more you pay the more you can expect from your boots in terms of scientific testing, quality of product, useful lifespan and requirement for replacement parts. Improved tech functionality is also something we see from the more expensive brands who have developed handy apps to assist you tracking and programming your recovery. If the “bells and whistles” are important to you then you’ll find the $800+ models will give you what you expect. If you just want basic compression and don’t need all the frills you can still get great compression devices around the $400 mark. 


What does compress sequentially mean?

Sequential compression means that the compression or pressure is not one set amount, but rather is firmest at the most distal part of the body and get a little lighter as you get get towards the trunk or heart. This helps to promotes bloody flow back to the heart. It is an important design feature in compression recovery boots and other pneumatic compression devices. 


What are the best brands of recovery compression boots?

The current leading compression recovery boot brands include Some of the leading brands include NormaTec, Rapid Reboot, Flyte, Doctor Life, Fit King, SLS3, Air Relax, Speed Hound, Cincom, Game Ready and Recovery Pump. 


Can compression boots help with lymphedema?

Compression boots are commonly referred to as an adjunct therapy for lymphedema and chronic swelling. A medical management plan is best prescribed by your health practitioner so I strongly recommend involving your doctor in your decision to try compression boots or pneumatic compression devices. Some medical conditions will prevent the use of these boots, for good reason. 


Can kids use Compression boots?

We’re not aware of any medical research specifically around pneumatic or dynamic compression for kids.  For this reason it isn’t something we would suggest without the recommendation of a medical practitioner. 

compression recovery kits for arms

What makes the "best" recovery boot?

Let’s be real here. There are big differences in price between the entry level compression boots and the “top of the range” compression recovery boots. 


Here’s what I think makes a recovery boot the best…


  • Multiple compression chambers, ideally 4 or more
  • Available in a range of sizes so you can get the fit spot on
  • Made of high quality material and components that will last
  • Has reliable sequential compression
  • Has a range of time, mode and pressure settings
  • Easy to use control unit
  • Tech connectivity 
  • Gets good trustworthy reviews online

That last point is a bit of a funny one. While I wholeheartedly believe you can’t take a friends experience with a product and run with it, I do think that exploring verified reviews from other buyers is worthwhile. But take it for what it is. Don’t focus on one bad comment or one overly good comment. There will always be lovers and haters out there. But seeing other peoples feedback on quality and ease of use is always a good idea in my opinion. 

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